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Wild Heart: 1x13

Episode 13

Güven is determined to save Yaman, who is in Adil’s hands, at the cost of his life, and Adil is determined to avenge his son Rüzgar no matter what… Eşref, who will give the answer to stop Adil, arrives and faces a confrontation with the past. While everyone was surprised and saddened by Serhan’s surrender, Serhan, who was determined to leave Güven out of the game, planted the seeds of a new plan before he even stepped into prison. He will choose Yaman Ali as his outside hand for this plan. Alaz, on the other hand, will be very uncomfortable with this task being assigned to Yaman, and another rivalry will emerge that will inflame the friction between them. Rüya will learn that she is the reason for the rivalry between Yaman and Alaz after all these events, and Rüya, who has also argued with her mother Şebnem about her father, will set out on a new path in the following process. The person and the truths she encounters on this path will affect not only her but also Serhan and Şebnem.

Dec. 05, 2023