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Another Love: 1x8

Episode 8

For the first time, Leyla stops resisting her love for Kenan. The couple thinks they will enjoy their love. Until their fate takes a dark turn… While Idris struggles to survive, he learns about the suffering of Nevin Doğan. Doğan, who cannot reach Idris, appears before his family with his true self for the first time in years. This time it is Turan’s turn to confront Doğan. Kenan and Leyla’s love affair scares Turan as well as Doğan. Tahir’s new job takes him on an unexpected path. The clue Ekrem follows leads him to a great discovery. A new face who managed to escape his terrible fate adds a different dimension to the investigation. As the truth about the orphanage fire begins to emerge rapidly, Doğan is the person who enables the investigation to take a big step forward. This new incident affects both Kenan and Leyla; It will shake the whole of Turkey and deeply affect the course of everything.

Oct. 30, 2023