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Another Love: 1x7

Episode 7

After a disaster at the courthouse, Leyla takes a step away from the truth once again. However, a clue found after the incident determines the new target of the investigation. Nevin, who reveals the truth to the wrong person, begins to think that he has no choice but to start accepting Doğan as his son. Turan, who, unlike his wife, cannot accept Doğan, has a striking confrontation with Idris. Tired of living in fear, Ekrem decides to take matters into his own hands. Doğan, who has been hunting his targets until now, will be the prey this time. The lies Şahinde and Ekrem tell to hide the truth lead Tahir down a dark path. The turmoil caused by Nuray’s jealousy reveals Tahir’s hopes for Yasemin. Murat is the one who rushes to Yasemin’s support in her most difficult moment. While Leyla prepares for big changes to stay away from Kenan, Kenan sacrifices the most important part of his life to stay close to her.

Oct. 23, 2023